Working at height can be dangerous so we, at T Samuels Commercial & Industrial Roofing, invest in the most modern equipment that will allow our roofers to have a safe and easy access to the roof. All the methods that we use are being reviewed constantly so the safety of everyone is ensured without ever compromising the quality of work that we do.

While most companies use scaffolding, this method however, is unable to extend above the building the same way the access boom would. Whether we work from a mobile elevated work platform, use a fixed cradle system or abseil, all of these methods are constantly being evaluated with safety in mind.

The team is trained and experienced in using the different access platforms so you can be assured of the quality of work that we can carry out. T Samuels Commercial & Industrial Roofing is the name that you can trust. Get in touch with us to get a quote or learn more about our services.