Never hire an industrial roofing expert without checking these points out first


Hiring a commercial roofing contractor should be pretty straightforward but like most things in life it can often be more complex than you originally thought. The main areas of concern are charlatan companies who operate elaborate roofing scams or provide below par services for their clients and leave disappointing results.

We recommend you only use an expert roofing contractor if you require a new roof or roofing repairs.

What’s more, never agree to any work being completed if you feel uncomfortable about the contractor you have appointed to complete the work, you should trust your gut instant with this.


Follow these rules for a safe roofing service


By following a few simple rules you can achieve complete success and ensure all roofing work is completed to the best possible standard.

Here’s what we suggest if you are looking to hire a roofing contractor for the very first time and are struggling to know where to start.


Get a number of quotes

It’s not a bad idea to obtain a number of roofing quotes for any planned work you have in mind. This principle can be adopted for any type of contractor, it’s especially important if you are trying to find a value for money roofing service like us here at T Samuels. We suggest you ask three roofing contractors to visit your site, survey the roof, and provide you with a quote for the work involved. You don’t have to take the cheapest quote or feel obliged to go with the dearest options either. Weigh up the costs involved by all means, but also consider the advice given by each individual contractor and how professional they seem before you make a decision.


Check for trusted traders

Very simple background checks can establish if you are dealing with a trustworthy roofing company or not. At T Samuels we are a fully approved contractor but not all roofing services are the same. With this mind, establish just how reputable the roofer you are dealing with is. Look for links to trade associations when appointing any type of contractor, make sure you are appointing an honest, reliable service that employs safe and experienced roofers.   There are many useful websites that list reputable and respectable traders in your local area, and are two prime examples.


Word of mouth recommendations are useful

See if you can find anyone that will provide an honest testimonial for the roofing contractor. The best types of recommendations come from family or friends – do you know anyone that can advocate a roofing contractor to you? The chances are; if the roofing contractor has provided excellent levels of service for somebody else they’ll also deliver a superior standard of work for you.

Obtain the quote in writing

Never agree to any type of roofing work until you have received a professional quote in writing. Word of mouth ‘guesstimates’ should be avoided at all costs. You need a complete price breakdown with the levels of work clearly outlined in writing.  If the company who surveys your roof can’t be bothered to provide you with a written quote, what does this say about the standard of their work?

Verify the payment terms

Be extremely careful about working with any roofer that demands cash payment up front. Even if they require a small payment up front, verify what this is for, and see if they can provide you with written breakdown of the materials they require the cash for. If they offer you incentives for cash only deals, are they trying to hide something?

Ask for a guarantee

Establish the length of guarantee you will be given once the roofing work has been completed. Ideally you want peace of mind for many years to come and have total confidence in your new roof. Guarantees are good. You know if anything goes wrong with the roof the company that repaired or replaced it will be able to come back and resolve the issue. Make sure you are comprehensively covered with a written guarantee from your industrial roofing service.

All of the work we complete at T Samuels comes with a comprehensive guarantee whatever the level of work required.

Call expert roofers in London

Always call experienced roofers whenever you have a problem. Should you require commercial & industrial roofing in London, you can rely on our expert team of roofing contractors here at T Samuels, why not give us a call on 020 8527 1779 and see how we can help you today?