Conducting corrugated asbestos roof repairs is serious business, and ideally, should be carried out only by a skilled a professional roofing contractor. Improper handling of asbestos waste pose very hazardous health risks as well as allowing your roof to remain unattended. As a matter of fact, safety measures are in place to ensure that no dangerous levels of asbestos fiber are created when conducting repair and/or maintenance work.

Listed below are some of the precautionary guidelines for working on asbestos cement products, so make sure you and your contractor are compliant – we know that we are.

  • Perform a risk assessment of the roof re highlighting repair methods that will ensure the possible risk of asbestos fiber release is kept at a minimum. Ask your contractor for further details.
  • Operatives must be aware that they are handling materials made of asbestos. These operatives, or contractors, must have adequate training. Highly visible warning signs must be placed accordingly in the work area.
  • The contractors must be equipped with EN 149, CE marked disposable masks and overalls. All these are to be disposed as asbestos waste at the end of each shift.
  • Check you contractor on guidelines about working on high areas.
  • Avoid using power tools when you can as old asbestos cement are brittle.
  • Remove fixings carefully, in one piece as much as possible.
  • Always keep the asbestos fixing wet at all times, especially in instances where a power tool has to be used. Work in an open area if possible.
  • Keep the area clean as much as possible. Dampen any dusty areas and place waste materials in a polyethylene bag.

Here are good images of corrugated asbestos sheet damage that would already require badly-needed roof repairs. If any of these corrugated asbestos roofs resemble the condition of your roof, contact us today. We will provide you with an accurate assessment for the splits on your asbestos roof.

With the condition of the the corrugated asbestos roof as evident in these images, we highly recommend stripping off and repairing damaged sheets.